Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mom is da Bomb

Our family recently welcomed two new and very beautiful babies into it's large and dysfunctional fold.
My young cousins are enjoying the first few days and weeks of parenthood. Those halcyon days when you hold this mewling human in your arms for hours and wonder how on earth you were allowed to go home with it, let alone be left in charge.

I'm waxing nostalgic, as the Xbox blares in my ear and my oldest child ignores my pleas for him to get ready to go back to school. Hurricane Girlchild bugs me relentlessly about another baby in the house and I  adamantly refuse her offers of helping to take care of her new baby sister or brother. This kitchen is closed. I'm far too long in the tooth to be welcoming another wee one. We will enjoy the new baby bundles that visit and we can babysit so tired new parents can have a nap or have some very important couple time. That's a thing that mom's learn, better than any card or bouquet of flowers- the gift of time.  

Speaking of gifts, Mother's Day is coming just in case you were blissfully unaware of the mountainous card and flower displays in every drug store on the planet. Mom's should be celebrated, which got me to thinking about all of the super cool chicks I know who are moms, want to be moms and all things mom related.

I am proud to call among my 'posse' of super coolio broads -single moms, step moms, adopted moms, wanna be moms, those who miss their moms, old moms, new moms, working moms, stay at home moms and four legged baby moms. It's a mommy wolf pack.

I am fiercely proud of the bitches I call friends. They put up with my shit and me calling them bitches because I love them and they are well, bitches. I am called bitch right back. Those chicks are tough and they'll cut you if you get in the way of their mommy-ing. Not a street gang kind of cut you- but more a Volvo driving soccer mom kind of cut- like running her cart into your car in a parking lot or something else just as covert. I told you they were bitches.

After drinks with my 'gal pals' as Spouse affectionately calls them, I always walk away amazed at their strength and patience. These woman can and will do anything. The laundry list of demands on these chicks is overwhelming. The challenges of ex wives and baby mommas, blending families or raising kids on their own-  it blows my mind. The moms who are learning to give all they can to their special needs kids and don't forget  the mom who is fighting cancer.
Add to this all of the day to day mom shit that has to be dealt with like running a household, working, volunteering and being a partner, daughter, sister or aunt. There's a lot of shit going on.

No wonder we drink.  

So as I hang up the phone after a conversation with my own Grandmother who is so excited about her two new GREAT Grand babies ( number 9 and 10- wow.) I can't help but think about how lucky I am to be surrounded by my own group of Mothers- Grandmas, Aunties, Mother in Law and Mom.
They are all bat shit crazy, parenting will do that to you.  
Aside from being insane, these are the women who taught us to be strong and good to each other, because every mom needs the support.
moms put the 'HER' in Hero.

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