Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Time Warp

I can hear Hurricane Girlchild upstairs playing. She is looking at a calendar and joyfully counting the days that she goes to school. Singing the days of the week song,  SundayMonday, TuesdayWednesday,
Thursday, Friiiiiday, Saturday...

Her song is not just background noise but a reminder to me about the passage of time. I realised it's the beginning of June. I have been so consumed with soccer games, football practices and my days revolving around meals and the whims of a four year old that I kind of lost track of time.

A small miracle for me to lose track (as long as you don't count that couple of hours back in high school that I lost at my graduation party) but because I have always been very mindful of time, and schedules and the 'big picture' always a month ahead on the calendar, planning right down to the last half hour of every day. I looked at the calendar today and the end of the school year reared it's ugly head and throat punched me.

June is notoriously busy for us as a family, many birthdays and lots of sports, school field trips, trying to fit in a weekend at the lake here and there. This year it is no different and we will be exhausted by the end of it.
Our reward will be July- lazy, hot and un-scheduled.

When I flipped the calendar I went into panic mode and have spent the past two days planning, reverting to my old hyper organised self.
The Boy's birthday is coming, his birthday celebrations tend to go on for DAYS, chalk one up for being the only grandson. Party like a rock star! I have also been a good parent and arranged for tutoring over the summer which will float like a lead fart once I break the news to him. Hardcore 3 days a week, two hours a day for the entire month of August...insert evil laugh here. Throw in a hockey camp and August c'est fini!

Spouse in his tactful way asked me last night when we finally got to sit down face to face, how I was doing on my 'list of shit to do' . I created the list of twenty or so projects when I stopped working and I have to admit I'm not as productive as I had hoped to be. I easily became caught up in the routine of laundry, meals, housekeeping, coaching soccer and keeping everyone on track that some of the more ambitious projects are still undone. My intentions are good, but when Hurricane Girlchild asks if we can have a spa day, I put off painting the bathroom and paint her toenails instead.

Hurricane Girlchild just made herself a PB& J sandwich with no help and gleefully walked away from the table all proud of herself. Her last class of Pre K looms. Kindergarten classes begin in September.
A lazy summer is all we have left. I will do everything in my power to make it laziest, stickiest, sun tan-line-iest summer I can. With every crack of my knee joints and each time I see my reflection in a mirror I am reminded how quickly the time is passing.
If anyone finds the last five years of my life can I have it back please?

Damn it Janet- keep dancing

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