Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lazy R Us

Hi, yeah I know it's been a while.
Well I've been busy, underwear doesn't wash its self you know. No one likes dirty gotch.
OK OK laundry isn't that time consuming.

I've also been keeping an eye on the numerous City crews who stand around that giant sink hole across the street, that at 8 or so months old still has not been repaired. At least now there are barriers and a shit load of lumber surrounding it. It fills an entire half a street so it slows the traffic if anything.
Speaking of City crews, don't get me started on the parade of trucks and workers that stand and stare at the massive scar that remains on my boulevard after a water main break last October. It now finally has some pretty pink paint. The purpose of the paint remains a mystery, but rest assured my eyes will be to the street.
I'm tempted to bury parts of a dismembered baby doll in the soil, just a foot or hand sticking out for the next crew of looky-loos just to see their reaction. Who knows maybe they'll actually fix something in response to zombie death doll.

Still not buying how busy I've been?

How about this, besides hiding from Church people that come to the door (a task that's harder than it sounds) I've been caring for kids. Feeding them, entertaining them, keeping them from killing each other and setting up the occasional slip and slide?

Still no huh. The doll thing took a lot of  

Would you believe that I've just been lazy?


Yep. Been lazy. Caught up in the routine of day to day with both kids at home. Don't judge me. I have made an attempt or two to write, but the interruptions are relentless. The phone, the door, my kids, their friends, most days it's just easier to jot down an idea and save it for later then bugger off to the pool.

Don't feel sorry for me? Jeez. I'm dealing with a lot of stuff you know.
I am an Equipment Manager. Psychologist. Relationship Therapist. Wardrobe Stylist. Party Planner. Tutor. Personal Assistant, Chef and a Preschool Teacher.
I think I deserve to be a little lazy now and then. Still not buying it huh?

LAZY. Pure and simple. Savoring daylight hours spent in the sun with my brats. Enjoying watching their skin slowly turn brown and laughing at the electric blue Freezie smiles on their faces. I've learned that scraped knees are easily cured with a kiss and ice cream and it's OK to stay in PJ's all day and watch movies.
I'm relishing this time and know I'm spoiled for getting to spend it with them.
And you'd be SO proud of me. I rarely yell. REALLY. Well OK I've been known to scream a bit. Cut me a bit of slack, July and August spent with two kids can be, um, "challenging".

School is starting in a few weeks. 19 days to be exact. But who's counting.

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