Monday, February 18, 2013

randomness by popular demand

So here I am writing. In part because friends felt I should so I guess you can say I give in easily to peer pressure, in part because I've always wanted to write.

I imagine writers holed up in seclusion, surrounded by beautiful views in remote cabins or castles. Reality is my cozy basement in the heart of the continent as the xbox 360 blares in my ear and my kids yell at each other as they argue over who gets the tv next.

My introduction to writing is likely the same as yours. High School English Teachers hitting home the importance of the basics learned in elementary school. Focus on the five W's and write about what you know. Well... without giving away my true age-I'll just say this. High School was a long time ago so expect poor grammar, sentence structure and frequent spelling mistakes. As far as writing about what I know-
I know shit.

So here's a nod to English teachers everywhere, the five W's used to explain this blog and the journey to get here. Allow me to introduce you to 'from the heart of the continent'.

WHO- me. wife, mother, sister, daughter, etc etc. 40 something and about to take a huge plunge.

WHAT- this blog. 'my writing' a promise to myself, which my girlfriends are making sure I keep and will relentlessly bug me to continue posting unless I become annoying. Or the interweb tires of my very foul mouth and shuts me down. I'll try and use restraint.  

WHERE- from the heart and from the heart of the continent- in my basement on an old piece of crap laptop that my kid picked all of the keys off of when she was 2. Seriously. All I have is a partial top row, all of the numbers less 7 and ZERO punctuation keys. I'll post pics.

WHEN- when my schedule will allow. This is my 'me time' that I've heard many other women talk about but that I have never really seen first hand. This is to be the elusive 'what do you do for yourself" time which I am drilled about by friends. Much like a Unicorn, just because I haven't seen one doesn't mean they don't exist. So slap a horn on this sucker and let it prance around.

WHY- I like to make people laugh. I like to talk, and I like being a mum. I want to write, and learn to be a good writer. I was convinced by good friends that I had something to share. I enjoy 'mommy bloggers' not the ones that write about how parenting is the most enlightening experience of their lives and they love their children who were born with halos more than the sun and listen to Mozart and home school. I like the real moms, moms who allow themselves to be human and don't live their lives off perfect ideas they found on Pinterest- although I've heard there's some good shit on there.

So I'll spare you the gushy I love my kids more than the sun stuff. That's a given. Going forward I'll share stuff that makes me laugh and the occasional kid story along with my voyage to SAHM-dom.
Crazy?  yep. I might be bat shit crazy but this seems like a great time to share all the nutty stuff that happens as I transition from working to working at home - as long as the batteries in my wireless keyboard hold up.
So here's to being a full time parent and home maker...and a writer.

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