Friday, February 22, 2013

So...I hear you're leaving us

So...I hear you're leaving us... a phrase I've heard a lot this past two weeks. 

I am actually quite flattered by how many times I've heard this said, and how many people have come by to wish me well as my days at work tick down. As an employee of only a few years I wasn't really prepared to discuss my decision to leave with as many people as I have, but as you can guess word travels fast within four walls. I apparently have made an impact. I honestly didn't think too many people would care.

My plan to leave quietly and disappear into the sunset was foolish. I must stand out because of my stellar work ethic and willingness to go the extra mile not to mention my being an incredible team player that works well with others but can still work independently. (That was for the benefit of future employers.)
It's more likely that I was one of the drunkest people at our Holiday party
(If you were thinking of hiring me someday in the future forget you read that)

What strikes me most about all this discussion about leaving work is how many times I've heard other women say- I wish I could, I regret not, you're so lucky to be able to, the list goes on.

Are we trapped into thinking we have to work? Was all of the hard work done by our Mothers and Grandmothers during the Women's Rights Movement paving the way for us to want to achieve too much or was it for us to have the ability to choose our paths?

Is it a big deal to stay at home with your kids? Have I made a terrible decison and perhaps a huge mistake? .My biggest fear was telling my own mother about my choice. I was worried she would judge me a failure for not being able to 'have it all' and not being able to achieve the 'balance' that I found so elusive yet other women seem to have easily.

My mum constantly amazes me, so one evening over wine and an entire box of kleenex we reviewed  my plan, were we going to miss my income? Was I going to be OK at home-would I miss work?
and then those words came from her mouth.

I wish I could have, I regret not, you're lucky to be able to stay home for your family.   

So a week left of work and the long 'shit to do' lists are waiting for me at home. As I take on my new role and I'll surely find myself cursing some days - I'll have to remember all those voices reminding me how lucky I am.  

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  1. Apparently I'm the last one to know! I'm sad to see you go, but we'll need to go for beverages/lunch/shenanigans. I'll miss you!!!