Friday, April 19, 2013

"Pam call my Mom!"

I've been itching to write, keeping me from it is an extra body in the house this week that's kind of been cramping my style.

Spouse has been home- with a 'MAN COLD'. If you've never had one it's a debilitating disease.  Characterized  by lots of audible moaning and groaning, rendering the sufferer weak and infirm. Strict bed rest is required in order to shake the 'man cold' aka couch and video game rest-this plague is known to sap the energy and goodwill of the victim's partner as well. It is a terrible illness and needs to be eradicated. I may organize 'Mancoldstock', or 'Mancold AID' in order to raise funds to help and fight this awful plight on man kind.  

Now I don't mean to poke fun. I have been with this man for a century and know the routine by now. I just end up calling everything he catches a 'Man Cold' because it almost always ends up with him running to the Dr. and needing meds.

I've had the same sucky sinus infection that he currently has and I wouldn't want to be sitting at the office either. But, I did. I would drag myself into the office, or work from home. Yet I never would get much work done at home because as soon as The Boy found out I was going to be home he  would suddenly catch a mystery ailment and require some nursing. Spouse would call 15 times a day to check in and quite often find his way home on days when I was 'resting'  interrupting what little quiet time I may have enjoyed.

I'm just that popular.

On the other hand I am my own worst enemy. On days when I was home sick, I would often be able to make my way to the laundry room and get a load or two in. I would break out the bleach and give everything a good once over so no one else would catch the bug. Scrubbing toilets and door handles, in hopes that I would exterminate the disease in my house.

That's what makes a 'man cold' different I think. All work screeches to a halt, the sofa becomes a makeshift shelter and the XBox gets a workout. "Pam call my mom"
this ad is genius.
I get nervous when Spouse spends this much time at home. I can see the wheels in his head turning.
What this means - projects are coming.

His view from the prone position on the couch this week was up the basement stairs to our back entrance way. A disregarded  part of the house, left alone while we tried to renovate the rest. Now that the meds have kicked in and he's able to act human and actually hold a conversation, we 'discuss' his plans. His sole focus is on the neglected entrance. Debate and review. Eye roll and sigh. Reel things in. Discuss, debate, see a theme developing here?

This is what I dread. I play nice and allow him to think his ideas are 'new' and have never crossed my mind. Meanwhile, I have already mentally redesigned the entire house from floor to rafter complete with paint colours and flooring choices. I have a note book to prove it.

It's like a dance, but I'm leading, although he doesn't know it. After a century of marriage you get savvy. I am usually able to negotiate and get my way on these projects- achieving the results I had always planned. This project however was NOT on my priority list around here. So goodbye Urine yellow circa 1977, which covers Avocado green a'la 1965, who knows what lies beneath that...Next time he gets a cold, I'm going to strongly suggest he go into the office.  

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