Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dumb and Dumber

Maybe I was just in a bad mood. Maybe I am making too much out of it. But yesterday I swear you could smell the stupid in my house. 

The Boy had a friend over for a little while and the entire time the two of them spent together I could feel IQ points dropping. I'm no expert on 10 year old boys, nor would I want to be. But I seriously believe these two clowns were trying to 'out dumb' one another. I tired quickly of the one upmanship-the constant need to top the other guy with yet another stupid quip that made no sense and was not the least bit funny. If these exchanges contained any dialogue that was a bit smart I'm certain feelings would be hurt and a friendship ended. But the back and forth is so mindless and truly dumb that even they aren't hurt by it. Most of it is just talking for the sake of talking. Noise for noise sake. I can be louder than you.   

Maybe this is a symptom of the times, apparently it's cool to be stupid- example Justin Bieber. 
If any 12 year old girls want to troll and make comments and threaten my life go ahead. In 5 years you'll see what a jack hole he is and laugh with your girlfriends about what asshats you were for being 'Beliebers'. Don't get me started on his dumb ass pants. 

But back to the idiots in my basement...body language,speech, terminology all changed while they were together. I may have to put my amateur scientist lab coat on and observe other subjects of the same age and see if this is an epidemic. Is it all for show? Or are these brainiacs actually 'dumbing down'? Perhaps it's brain trauma from shaking their bangs back into place? That will be a future health issue- necks damaged because of hair tossing. Mild concussions from the rapid head shaking and jerking done to make hair fall into face with out it looking like it was purposely done so.  

Did 10 year old boys of my generation act as dumb? Probably. But I was 10 too and didn't notice because I was too busy imagining being married to Indiana Jones. 

These are smart, funny, talented kids. They are athletic and articulate, interesting to talk to and very good company. So why when they are together do they regress to behavior of a spoiled 3 year old? Did I miss something here? Is it not OK to be handsome, funny and smart when you're with your friends. 
OH WAIT! then you would stand out and be noticed- I get it. Herd mentality. It's easier to put the other guy down and stay under the radar yourself. Duh mom, now who's the stupid one. I can't wait for them to be teenagers. My alcohol intake will triple. I had better get on a liver transplant list now. 

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping this is all for show. I would be embarrassed if my kid intentionally slowed his speech and responded to every question in school with a 'whatever' or an 'I know you are'. I feel sorry for the 10 year old girls that have to endure this mindless idiocy and smile and laugh and pretend to be enthralled.  

The Boy and his friend are attending a dance this weekend. Friend said the girls at the dances spend all their time in the bathroom. I didn't have the heart to tell them it's because they have to get away from all of the stupid.  

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