Friday, October 11, 2013

What makes a man sexy? A 40 something mum type perspective.

Today I exercised. The applause is unnecessary but appreciated. Thank you.

While I walked on my treadmill I treated myself to some TV, which is unusual because daytime TV generally sucks. But I happened upon Oprah, and she was interviewing LL Cool J.

go ahead make fun of me.

Ladies Love Cool James.
I love Cool James. I have for ages. I grew up with him. He helped introduce a little suburban Canadian girl from the prairies to Rap music and opened the eyes of my friends and I to another world- urban America.

Plus, he is easy on the eyes, and in my opinion is getting better with age.

During the interview I was impressed with his honesty about being a ladies man, and the trappings that come with being a young celebrity, and I was not the least bit turned off by the thought of his conquests. He owned it, he was afterall attractive, wealthy and talented. Who wouldn't take advantage of the rock star lifestyle?

As I watched I was struck by how even after all of this time I still found him attractive. His smile is killer, but it's more than that, charismatic of course-but I think the fact that he has grown up was most attractive.

As I continued to walk to nowhere, feet pounding the rubber band beneath me I realised to my dismay that I may have grown up too.  I wiped the sweat from my delicatley wrinkled brow (see how I made my aging face sound attractive there?) and I started to think about how much has changed in what I find attractive about men.

At 16 LL Cool J had me with his aggressiveness, swagger and the promise of a little bit of danger. He represented so much outside my little high school and a world away from the same old boys I had been surrounded by since grade school. I can imagine him whispering in my ear and my knees buckle. Now he pulls me in with his dedication to his family, his career and community. A 40 something mum sexy trifecta.

These are the same traits I see in my friend's spouses and neighbourhood dads. At the risk of sounding like a predator-these things are attractive. I smile when I see my girlfriend's spouse laughing and playing with his children. It makes me happy for her, appreciative that she has a partner so willing to be part of the children's world. Dads who coach sports, snuggle with thier little girls and wear crowns and have tea partys. It doesn't make them less manly, if anything it makes them more human. Not just a set of abs peeking out above a pair of jeans. In my eyes more substance and appeal.

LL Having tea-seriously hot!

Don't get me wrong-I dig the rock hard abs and strong arms. I could wax on for days about his smile and skin. I am human afterall. Just google LL Cool J and you will be bombarded with pictures of him without a shirt (I'll be in my room) But his longevity is due to his growth as a man. My girlfriends overall have chosen wisely. Men who once were aggressive, had swagger and may have been a bit dangerous are now partners and good fathers to children.
My male friends sharing traits with a sex symbol even though they may not share the same physique. Keep it up boys, remember it's ok to still show us the swagger once in  awhile, and a little bit of housework will get you places.

Take a minute, click on the link below and get in the car with won't be dissapointed.

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