Tuesday, March 12, 2013

feeling run down.

Last night after I tidied up supper, I decided to put my feet up on the couch and take a break.
I'm not going to lie, this time change is kicking my ass for some reason and I've been sleeping like shit and waking up way early.
Well it didn't take long for me to be laying horizontal, head resting on a cushion, eyelids drooping.

That's when Dr Appointment stepped in.
I was quickly covered in a heavy blanket, and had the kind Dr. taking my temperature with a plastic banana. I had a fever, so I needed a toy food hamburger patty ice pack licked and stuck to my forehead.
She swiftly gave me the once over with her stethoscope, checking my feet and my knees. The stethoscope test was negative.
Next was my eyes, thoroughly checked with a plastic strawberry ice cream cone, then she looked in my ears with another ice cream cone, this time vanilla.
I'll admit she was a bit rough, and I was squirming to avoid a permanent eye injury, but she asked all the right questions, like did I have a cough? Did I have the sneezles? Did I need to go poop?

The medical team decided that Xrays and some tests were required. It took ages to get the results, but the kind Dr. took it upon herself to be responsible for the lab work and provided me personally with the outcome. I was quite relieved by the xray results, but admittedly concerned about the 'test' result.

I think it's a virus. 
I was then told I had to rest and be quiet and Dr Appointment very kindly got me both a teddy bear and a big stuffed dog to snuggle with while I got better.
I was then covered in various pieces of plastic food in case I was hungry. Sofa cushions, another blanket and   I was snuggling into the best care anywhere.

My predicament was a little hard to explain when Spouse came home with The Boy and saw me buried under a mountain of toys-but as it goes in our house he was not the least bit surprised and just shook his head as he went back upstairs.

I woke up this morning feeling terrific, and despite being a bit man handled, received some of the best care I've ever had.
I even got a kiss on the forehead.


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