Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm crushing hard

I'm sharing a secret. I've got a crush.

On my house.

Sound a bit crazy? Yes it is. I'm not sure you can have a crush on a building, but people do love places, certain locations and their homes. So I think a crush is acceptable.

I realized this morning as I drew the curtains in my kid's south facing rooms and welcomed the rising sun that my house is pretty great. Despite it's age and dysfunction for a modern family, I am fortunate to own it.

We live in an amazing neighbourhood, centrally located, but still suburban. In what I like to call a "mid century classic" aka a 1950's bungalow. We have nearby shops and important amenities like two cold beer vendors and a liquor store within walking distance. Great schools, safe for the kids to walk to. Add to this a large yard, a back lane, our Community Centre is right outside the front door and we have good neighbours.

I was hating my house for a long time, cursing it's tiny closets, lack of counter space and super small entrance ways. But as I am spending more time in it and seeing it with a different set of eyes. I'm in love.

yes I said it. I'M IN LOVE.

As I wander from room to room, doing my daily chores. I'm discovering little things about my house I love.
I love how much light it has, and I laugh at the cat as he moves from room to room following the sun and lies in warm sunny spots on beds and floors.

I love that it is cozy and I don't have to walk a mile to find a housemate. Everyone is within shouting distance.
I love it's size, because it's manageable and because of that it allows me time to snuggle and read and play and spend time with my kids.

I love that I can leave my doors unlocked, and my friends and family feel comfortable enough to walk in and spend some time whenever they like.

I love that The Boy's friends know this is a safe place to come if needed and they enjoy hanging out here.

I love that the bedrooms are full of little people and although I complain about toys and laundry and tantrums, It makes my heart swell and I wouldn't change it for anything.  

More importantly I love that this house is showing me something about myself. I don't need a grand entrance, walk in closets overfull of clothing not worn, kitchen cupboards bursting with items that are rarely if ever used. I'm learning to do more with less, appreciate the small things and I'm learning to live with my little house and it's limitations.

It's not a show home, and it never will be. But with a little TLC this house will be loving us back.


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