Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lego Is Evil

I don't know about where you live but I'm pretty sure everyone has a buy and sell site that they frequent- Craigslist, Your Town New & Used, whatever, but I'm here to say Kijiji is fan-fricking tastic!

My week has been consumed with organizing The Boy's room. As I move furniture I have come across stray  Lego- and lots of it. It's every where. And it rarely gets played with. So it's gone. Good bye little pieces of pain inducing flotsam, vacuum cleaner clogging jetsam.

Lego is evil and brilliant at the same time.

I am selling The Boy's Lego. He has outgrown it and Hurricane Girlchild has no interest in it, and I know I don't have the patience for it to continue being an entity in our house. The mere thought of 5 more years of cleaning up those colourful, tiny, plastic pieces makes me grind my teeth. Better to have the Lego in a home that will appreciate it and play with it -and I won't have to clean it up. WINNING!

I long ago gave up trying to keep the Lego in 'sets' instead resorting to a 25 Gallon Rubbermaid bin that houses the hundreds and hundreds of pieces. Besides it was easily filled using a dustpan and broom. So now this enormous bucket of Lego is for sale, along with accessories and some books.  

                                        Can you even begin to imagine how many pieces that is?

My only mistake- and because I'm a Star Wars fan. I noted that there was Star Wars items contained in the 30+ pound bucket of Lego.

I've taken the time today to kindly respond to several Star Wars Fan Boys inquiring about one Clone Wars set in my Lego collection and questions about rare mini figures and would I consider selling just certain pieces.
Yeah OK why don't you come on over and sort through the bucket of a thousand plastic rectangles for the pieces you want and then offer me 10 cents. Hell, I'll make coffee. Welcome to the Death Star.
Fuck off.

My ad specifically stated that phone calls were preferred, but judging from the time of day these many emails were sent I've concluded that Fan Boys are nocturnal and at least have the sense to not call at 3 a.m. - that or their moms won't let them use the phone after 9.

I want the Lego to go to a good home- with kids that will appreciate how amazing and awesome it is and enjoy it and not care that there might be a couple of Mega Block pieces mixed in and are blissfully unaware that one set issued in 2008 had an incorrect figure in the box that was just distributed in Mexico.
I will allow my ad to remain posted and try to be patient while I wade through the scads of Star Wars nerds dissecting my old unwanted crap.

Along with Lego,  Sayonara to the fucking Pokemon cards-which are sold BTW- in less than 12 hours awesome!  

at is is selling on line, and making new friends I am. (Star Wars nerds will get that)
May the Force and dustpan be with you

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  1. Lego is awesome. Except for when you have to clean it up and step on a brick in your bare feet. I kind of want mini figs, now.

    Nerdy, I am, yes.